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All Plastic

100% Recyclable


AusiPack launches All Plastic

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Sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging field. To satisfy this demand, as an innovative packaging supplier, AusiPack Packaging has launched a series of all-plastic pumps and mist sprays, that are both functional and Eco Friendly.

Conventional pumps often contain multiple materials like metal and glass and are not easy to disassemble, which can make these pumps and sprays difficult to recycle. In contrast, at AusiPack, our all-plastic pumps and sprays can be recycled.

Made from PP & PE or 100% PE, they have been designed so that they can be easily sorted and recycled along with other plastic products.

They are 100% made from plastic, both the metal spring and glass ball have now been replaced by plastic, making the recycling of AusiPack’s lotion pumps and mist sprays super easy. The consumer can just toss it into the recycling bin after the product is finished, with no need to separate the pump into different materials.  It can then be recycled to make PCR-PP pellets and reused to make new products.

Available in 24/410 and 28/410 options for pumps and from 18mm to 28mm for mists, these products are designed for a variety of applications,

Not only will our 100% recyclable products help you to achieve your sustainability goals, but they are also offered at an affordable price, helping to accelerate the application of all plastic so that more brands and consumers can join in the fight to save our planet.

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