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Sustainable Packaging

What Are PCR Plastics and How Are They Used?


Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally friendly packaging option that many manufacturers are using in support of recycling programs.


PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. These materials are recycled into other packaging materials through community recycling programs.


Simply put, recycled plastic is less wasteful than new plastic. That’s because new plastic mostly comes from non-renewable fossil fuels like petroleum, which are hard on the environment.


By contrast, recycled plastics require no “virgin” petroleum to be sourced and divert recycled materials from ending up in a landfill, so they alleviate much of the environmental burden.


That is why we’re constantly looking to increase our use of PCR plastic and innovating in other ways to create less-wasteful packaging.


How Can Your Business Harness All of the Benefits of PCR?

In order to harness the benefits of integrating post-consumer resin into your packaging line, you must first find a manufacturer that offers PCR and is able to accommodate your packaging needs.

Processing and manufacturing of post-consumer resin require specialized equipment and knowledge to truly harness its potential, and AusiPack is fully equipped to customise your next recycled packaging design project.

We use only the most reliable, high-quality sources of raw PCR materials to craft the end products:

•  Plastic Pumps

•  PET Bottles

•  Plastic caps and jar

We believe that by using high-grade PCR, we are enabling our clients to become more sustainable in their business model and help them maintain a hold on the growing market of environmentally conscious consumers.

Want to know more about how PCR can impact your business?
Get in touch with us today.

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All plastic mist sprays, triggers and lotion pumps available in PCR

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